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The Staley Program Inc.


Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek to support, show love, and provide high quality resources to transitional homes in West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth, FL. As of 2022 we've adopted a property inTexas, with NY in our sights! Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit, but by the love and support we provide to those we meet along this journey.

Addiction is about taking.....what can I get?

The Staley Program is about giving.....

what do you need? ❤️

It means so much when our program is able to provide that something extra. 
💜Together we can💜


Drug overdose deaths have risen fivefold over the past 2 decades.

In 2023 the overdose death rate topped 112,000 in a 12 month period for the first time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating August 21, 2023 as Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day. One pill can kill.

In 2023, DEA seized more than 78.4 million fentanyl-laced fake pills and nearly 12,000 pounds of fentanyl powder. The 2023 seizures are equivalent to more than 388.8 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

The 2024 fentanyl seizures represent over 11.2 million deadly doses. 


More adults between 18 and 45 died of fentanyl overdoses in 2020 than COVID-19, motor vehicle accidents, cancer and suicide.

About 2.1 million Americans struggle with an Opioid use disorder

Drug overdose deaths are up 30% year-over-year.

We’re always proud of each success story and if we can be part of that then we're accomplishing our mission.  The love of The Staley Program grows each time we're able to give, each time we're able to make an impact in the life of an individual.

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