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Hope Continues:
2024 💫

ESSENTIALBACKPACKS FOR SOBRIETY!Be the change alongside us,as we create hope, unity and belieffor a better tomorrow. 💜

Hope Continues:
2023 💫

Holiday Hope was AMAZING! Our program is grateful to each one who contributed, as well as the donations throughout the year. We can't do everything but we can all do something 💜

Let's keep the fire burning year round 🔥

Below are some of the captures of our deliveries and gratitude messages: ⬇️



Join us in being the change this upcoming holiday season!


Support our program by choosing an item or two from the wishlist link, found below. We encourage you to think outside the box and find an item that may not be a need, but rather an item that uplifts and encourages! 

Our program chooses to give “extra” during the holiday’s with hope to bring joy and bridge the gap; providing a home away from home feeling for each individual. 


Let’s create magic this season and show love to others❣️


Three years strong! Our program is very excited for this upcoming holiday season as we are serving more than ever before! We can't do it alone, be the change along with us!

Click on the Amazon link below to choose an item. We also ask that you support outside of the list, whether from Amazon or you choose to mail in. Create hope with us this holiday season!

Amazon wishlist:  💜

All tax deductible monetary donations to be made through the "donation" tab or "testimonial" tab on this site.

***All items bought through the wishlist will automatically go to our office. If you plan to purchase outside the wishlist please also send to our office:

➡️  The Staley Program Inc. 631 Lucerne Ave. #37 Lake Worth, FL 33460

Picture memories from Christmas's past ⬇️

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