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The Staley Program Inc. - 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


The Staley Program Inc. 
631 Lucerne Ave. #37
Lake Worth, FL 33460

The purpose of this page is to share our background on finances received; whether monetary or items donated.

First, I'd like to share that though this program has been an official nonprofit since December 2020 it actually has been running since October 2019. This program was started in memory of our loved one Clayton Staley who lost his battle with addiction on September 14, 2019; shortly thereafter we began to serve individuals in early recovery.

Second, 100% of all finances received are for this program and along with donations this can entail; paying our monthly office space, website, taxes and at times to ship items. Donations are not used to pay employees as we are all volunteers, they're also not used to pay for gas expense, car expense, etc. We are volunteers giving of our time and most times our own resources.

We are blessed to have local and some franchise businesses onboard with our vision however, this doesn't mean items are free! When we run frequent meal deliveries there is always an expense and most times it's paid by those of us running this program.

Our goal is to be operating strictly from donations, we're believing for it!

We've held fundraisers in the past with hopes to raise funds but to date each fundraiser has been unprofitable. Certainly not wasted time, as each event has brought us closer to those we serve. 💜

In regard to tax filing; our program files a yearly e-postcard (990-N).
Our progress can be found on this website and on social media. We're on three platforms, Instagram, FB and X; links to each are listed on this site.

While it's not always possible to capture every delivery with our minimum crew we do strive to show each of you what we're up to, as often as possible.

My hope is that this financial page clarify's our love for those we serve. ❤️

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Listed at the top of this page you'll find our EIN number for your tax purposes, along with some other helpful information. 

BIG thank you to all who support us and believe in our mission.

Best to you as we work together to show love and be the change! 




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